Infection par le Virus de la grippe aviaire ou d'une autre origine animale

Public health: Joint purchasing of vaccines and medicines becomes a reality in the EU

Today, the Commission approved a Joint Procurement Agreement, which will enable all EU countries to procure pandemic vaccines and other medical countermeasures as a group, rather than individually.

Fineberg: 5 years after H1N1, world still not ready for pandemic

Five years after the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus emerged, the world's ability to cope with a flu pandemic is a bit better than it was in April 2009, but there's still a long way to go, says Harvey Fineberg, MD, PhD, who chaired the international committee that was assigned by the World Health Organization (WHO) to evaluate the global response to the pandemic.


Tamiflu Reduced Risk of Death by 25% in Patients Hospitalised with H1N1

A meta-analysis published online today in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine has concluded that patients admitted to hospital


World Health Organization releases influenza update

The World Health Organization released an update on influenza on March 24 that revealed influenza activity around the world continues to decline, except for influenza B, which increased in some areas.


TapImmune Announces the Filing of New Intellectual Property for its Platform Expression System Polystart

TapImmune Inc., a clinical stage immunotherapy company specializing in the development of innovative vaccine technologies for the treatment of cancer and infectious disease has filed a new patent application for a novel technology platform designed to enhance the visibility of cancer or infected cells to a patient’s immune system, a critical aspect of an effective vaccine.

Vaccines Are Safe for Infants, But Don't Tell Their Parents

Since the late 1990s, doctors and public health officials have been battling the belief, fueled by a discredited study, that vaccines can cause autism. They’ve tried to present the facts about vaccine safety and highlight the risks of the diseases the shots prevent. Once parents had accurate information, they would surely choose to vaccinate, they reasoned.


Coping with Infectious Disease

The list of infectious diseases that could leap from remote areas of the world to strike countries thousands of miles away is growing. A warning of what can happen occurred a decade ago when an outbreak in China of a mysterious new viral disease, known as SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, was covered up by the Chinese authorities, allowing infected airline passengers to carry the virus to more than two dozen other countries.


Taiwan's H7N9 vaccine set for mass production in June

A Taiwan-made vaccine for the H7N9 strain of avian flu is expected to begin mass production in June this year after completing human trials, Taichung-based Adimmune Corporation said Thursday.
Adimmune, the only human vaccine producer in Taiwan, said it has completed animal trials and will begin a second phase of human trials for its H7N9 vaccine in March.
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WHO supports Egypt during severe influenza outbreak

The World Health Organization recently announced the conclusion of a mission to support the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population’s response to a severe influenza outbreak in Egypt.


Chinese researchers see pandemic potential in bird flu virus reassortment Read more: Chinese researchers see pandemic potential in bird flu virus reassortment - FierceVaccines

The resurgence of H7N9 in recent months has pushed the death toll from the virus up past 70, but so far the bird flu has been mainly limited to bird-to-human transmission on mainland China. However, the seasonal circulation of H7N9 is putting it into contact with other flu viruses, and researchers fear a more contagious, virulent strain could result.