Report: Botswana Leads World in HIV Diagnosis, Treatment

An article from Voice of America
March 24, 2016
The tiny southern African nation of Botswana is leading the way in treatment and containment of the virus that causes AIDS. It is exceeding goals for addressing the HIV crisis, well ahead of a deadline set by the United Nations. 
Botswana, with HIV infection rates of up to 25 percent of the adult population, has moved ahead of other countries — both Western nations and the economically disadvantaged — in tackling the AIDS epidemic.
The United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS has called on countries to strive to ensure that 90 percent of their citizens know their HIV status and that 90 percent are treated with ant-retroviral therapy to achieve 90 percent viral suppression.
A new report published in The Lancet HIV has found that Botswana is exceeding those goals, well ahead of a 2020 deadline.
Botswana has reached a viral suppression rate of 96 percent among its infected citizens, mostly between the ages 15-49, according to Max Essex, chair of Harvard University's T.H. Chan School of Public Health AIDS Initiative.
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