Sixth George H.W. Bush China-U.S. Relations Conference Wraps Up

An article from BioNews Texas
May 18, 2015

The three-day 6th George H.W. Bush China-U.S. Relations Conference held at Hotel ZaZa in Houston, Texas wrapped up Wednesday, May 13. The conference series continues to carry on the vision and legacy of its founder, President George H.W. Bush, of establishing better understanding, closer ties, and important collaborations between China and the United States in the 21st Century.

The decreasing but still threatening worst-ever Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa, with recent direct impacts felt in the United States, provided an even more topically urgent context for this conference, and the role China and the U.S. are playing in address of emerging global infectious diseases, epidemic threats and bioterrorism, provided a topical backdrop for this sixth conference’s theme: “Global Infectious Diseases: Prevention, Preparedness and Response,” which brought together government officials, scholars, medical clinicians, nonprofit representatives, entrepreneurs, and policy makers from China and the United States to update and expand the critical role China and the United States play in preventing, preparing for, and responding to emerging infectious diseases and pandemics globally.

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