Tanzania: WHO Warns Cholera Could Be Here for Months

An article from AllAfrica
January 18, 2016
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that efforts to contain cholera, which has killed over 200 people in Tanzania since last August, may not bear fruit soon unless there is a major overhaul of sanitation systems.
The WHO representative in the country, Dr Rufaro Chatora, told The Citizen in an exclusive interview that the government's efforts to control the disease must include the repair of sanitation systems.
The envoy's remarks come at a time when Tanzania has documented more than 13,000 suspected cases of people with the water-borne disease.
Dr Chatora suggested that the ongoing efforts by public health authorities to halt the spread of the bacterial disease must go in tandem with investment in overhauling sanitation systems and educating the public on basic hygiene practices.
"It is still difficult to stop the resurgence of new cases of people with cholera under the current state of sanitation in most rural and urban areas," he said, adding that it might require more time--perhaps months--and more investment in sanitation improvement to be able to tame the outbreak.
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