New method helps compare cholera vaccine costs

Every year around the world, up to 4 million people are diagnosed with cholera, an acute diarrheal disease that’s usually spread through contaminated water in developing countries. In the long term, advances in water supply and sanitation are thought to be the ideal way to control the spread of the disease, but a handful of vaccines have also been developed—or are in development—to prevent cholera.

FDA approves vaccine to prevent cholera for travelers

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Vaxchora, a vaccine for the prevention of cholera caused by serogroup O1 in adults 18 through 64 years of age traveling to cholera-affected areas. Vaxchora is the only FDA-approved vaccine for the prevention of cholera.

Tanzania: Cholera Recedes in Zanzibar - Restaurants, Cafes Reopen

The government has lifted the ban it imposed last month on restaurants, cafes and food vendors after cholera out-break which has claimed 57 lives and affected more than three thousand people.
Speaking at the weekly media briefing on the 'state of cholera', the Director of Prevention - Ministry of Health, Dr Mohamed Dahoma, said that restaurants and the popular Forodhani Public Park in stone town (classified as area A), have been conditionally allowed to open business.

Beyond Ebola, keeping patients and health workers safe

Dr Doussou Touré arrives for work at Coléah Medical Centre. She washes her hands from a bucket set up in front of the building, proceeds to a screening area where her temperature is checked and recorded and only then enters the bustling facility that she supervises.
“Ebola is under control now, but we try to keep up the infection prevention and control systems that were put in place during the outbreak,” Dr Touré says, pointing to several sturdy, brightly-coloured bins, each one designated for the disposal of varying waste matter.

Kenya: Cholera Outbreak Kills Five in Mandera, 320 Others Infected

Five people have died after a cholera outbreak in Mandera County while 320 others have been infected.
Health executive Ahmed Sheikh linked the outbreak to poor hygiene and the ongoing heavy rains.
"We have noticed symptoms of cholera which is a normal infection and as we continue treating the patients they are getting better as we are giving them antibiotics and lots of fluids," he said.
Thirty patients are currently receiving treatment at Mandera County Referral Hospital's special ward.

Haiti records nearly 100 cholera deaths in first two months of 2016

Haiti says it has recorded 96 people have died from cholera during the first two months of this year.
The Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) said there were also 7, 782 cases of the disease during the period January 1 to February 27.
But it said that the trend is towards a decrease in the number of cases following the outbreak US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention described as the worst epidemic of cholera in recent history.

Tanzania: Cholera Prevalence Down By Five Per Cent

Cholera prevalence in the country is down by five per cent, according to a weekly report by the Ministry of Health, Social welfare, Gender, Elderly and Children released in Dar es Salaam.
According to a report released by the Deputy Minister Dr Hamis Kigwangalla, there were 499 cholera cases with six deaths registered between February 15 and 21. He pointed out that 11 regions were reported to have cholera prevalence.

Kenya: MSF warns of future cholera spike if poor water and sanitation conditions in Wajir are not urgently addressed

As the rainy season approaches in Wajir in northeastern Kenya, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is warning that the substandard water and sanitation situation is creating ideal conditions for a future increase in cholera cases. While today patient numbers in the cholera treatment centre in Wajir Hospital are stable, the organization is urging for an immediate improvement in sanitation services to avoid another spike in the outbreak.

Sud-Kivu: 100 cas de choléra enregistré à Uvira, 2 morts

Plus de cent nouveaux cas de choléra, dont deux décès, ont été enregistrés dans la zone de santé d’Uvira (Sud-Kivu) depuis le mois de janvier dernier.
Selon le chargé de communication de cette zone de santé, Jaime Saidi, les deux personnes sont mortes à cause d’un transfert tardif au centre de traitement.

Africa: WHO Approves Third Producer for Cholera Vaccine

The global supply of oral cholera vaccines (OCV) is set to double this year after the World Health Organisation approved a third producer, helping to address global shortages and expand access in more countries.
The vaccine producer, a South Korean company called EuBiologics, is the latest oral cholera vaccine manufacturer to be approved under the WHO's pre-qualification programme, which ensures that drugs and vaccines bought by countries and international procurement agencies such as Unicef meet acceptable standards of quality, safety and efficacy.