Gestion des programmes d’immunisation/de vaccination

WHO groups recommend trial of malaria vaccine

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunisation (SAGE) and the Malaria Policy Advisory Committee (MPAC) have jointly recommended pilot projects to understand how to best use a vaccine that protects young children against malaria.


By tracing cellphones, Pakistan makes inroads in war against polio

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN — In a surprising turnaround, Pakistan appears to be finally getting a handle on its polio epidemic, thanks to unorthodox tactics such as tracking residents’ cellphones.
The 85 percent decline in new cases this year is boosting confidence that Pakistani officials are on pace to stop the spread of the virus here, perhaps as early as next year. If Pakistan can achieve that goal, the world will take a major step toward becoming polio-free.

Study: Teens More Apt to Complete HPV Vaccine Series When Given With Other Shots

Could partnering the human papilloma virus vaccine with other, less controversial vaccines lead to higher compliance and completion rates and, ultimately, a drop in certain cancer rates?

Nigeria's polio-free gift to Africa

Disease eradication entails the total stopping of the transmission of an infectious disease, reducing the prevalence of the disease to zero. To date, only one disease — smallpox — has been successfully eradicated. The next disease set for eradication is poliomyelitis, popularly known as polio.

Tanzania: UN Predicts Burundi Coup Attempt, Warns of Cholera in Tanzania

A United Nations forecast of possible political upheavals and natural disasters in the coming months cites the risk of a coup attempt in Burundi and a "worrying" rate of fatalities from a cholera outbreak in Tanzania.
Concerns about El Niño's humanitarian impact on East Africa are also expressed in the "Alert, Early Warning and Readiness Report" published on Tuesday.

Nigeria: Measles - 1.6 Million Children for Immunization in Bauchi

Bauchi — About 1.6 million children will be immunized against measles in Bauchi State during the five days measles follow up campaign for Novermber 2015.
Bauchi State Coordinator of the Emergency Operation Centre, A Dada, disclosed this during a one-day Orientation Programme for Journalists on Planned Measles Campaign for November 2015 organized by the Bauchi State Primary Health Care Development Agency.

Malgré une baisse spectaculaire des décès, la tuberculose reste une maladie mortelle importante dans le monde

Le taux mondial de décès par tuberculose a été quasiment divisé par deux depuis 1990, mais plus de 4 000 personnes continuent de mourir chaque jour de cette maladie évitable, indique le Rapport 2015 sur la lutte contre la tuberculose dans le monde (en angles) de l'Organisation mondiale de la Santé (OMS), publié le 28 octobre.
La tuberculose, comme le VIH, est une cause majeure de décès, avec 1,5 million de personnes décédées de cette maladie en 2014, dont 400 000 étaient séropositives au VIH.

Irak: campagne de vaccination contre le choléra

L'Irak a débuté une vaste campagne de vaccination pour enrayer l'épidémie de choléra qui a infecté plus de 2200 personnes, annonce le ministère de la Santé dans un communiqué.
La campagne, lancée hier, se concentre sur la vaccination des populations déplacées par des conflits, notamment la guerre contre le groupe Etat islamique (EI), a précisé la ministre de la Santé. Un demi million de doses orales du vaccin -assez pour traiter 250.000 personnes- ont été acheminées par l'Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (OMS).

Polio Oversight Board Meeting 25 September

The attached document is a letter from CDC Director Tom Frieden on the Polio Oversight Board September Meeting in New York City. The text below is taken from the document.


WHO mobilizes 510 000 doses of oral cholera vaccine to help control the cholera outbreak in Iraq

Erbil, Iraq - An estimated 250 000 displaced persons will be targeted during the oral cholera vaccine (OCV) campaign to help control cholera outbreak in Iraq.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has mobilized 510 000 doses of OCV, and the 2-dose campaign is part of a strategy to prevent cholera transmission in high-risk areas and avert a potentially large-scale cholera outbreak in the 62 camps for refugees and internally displaced people.