Gestion des programmes d’immunisation/de vaccination

UN: Nearly 2M Ukraine Children at Risk of Polio

The World Health Organization and United Nations Children's Fund are urging the government in Ukraine to give the immediate go-ahead for a life-saving nationwide polio immunization campaign. The U.N. agencies warn the government's failure to back the campaign is putting the lives of nearly 2 million children at risk.
Six weeks after a polio outbreak and despite repeated requests by aid agencies, Ukrainian authorities still have not given permission for a nationwide immunization campaign to begin.

Polio Resurfaces in Laos

GENEVA/LONDON (Reuters) - Laos has suffered a case of vaccine-derived polio, the World Health Organization said on Monday, in a new setback to a global plan to eradicate the crippling disease after the virus resurfaced in Ukraine and Mali.
The WHO said an 8-year-old boy died of the disease on Sept. 11, and genetic sequencing suggested the virus strain has been circulating in the area of Bolikhamxay province, which has low immunization rates, for more than two years.

Gambia Launches Campaign to Eliminate Malaria At Homes

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare through the National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) has launched the 2015 Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) campaign.
The health minister, Omar Sey, recently launched the operation at a ceremony held at Chamoi village in Upper River Region.
Dr Sey said the launching marks the Gambia's renewed efforts towards the prevention and control of malaria so that it ceases to be a major hindrance to the achievements of health-related goals.

UN failing cholera victims in Haiti five years after outbreak

The United Nations is miserably failing the victims of the cholera epidemic its personnel triggered in Haiti five years ago, with thousands left waiting for access to effective medical treatment and compensation, said Amnesty International.

US could be on verge of measles outbreak, researchers warn

The United States could be on the verge of larger outbreaks of measles.
One in eight children under the age of 17 is susceptible to the disease and would likely get sick if exposed to the dangerous virus, researchers from Emory University in Atlanta reported Thursday.
The situation is most acute among young children: Nearly a quarter of those age 3 and under are now vulnerable to the highly infectious virus.
Measles epidemics used to occur regularly in the pre-vaccine era.

Dengue fever outbreak rises to 23,456 cases in Taiwan

Taipei, Oct. 13 (CNA) The number of dengue fever infections reported in Taiwan since the start of May has reached 23,456, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said Tuesday.
The latest figure represents an increase of 346 cases from the previous day, the CDC said.
As of Monday, 19,421 cases had been reported in the southern municipality of Tainan and 3,645 in neighboring Kaohsiung, according to CDC figures.

S. Korea growing vulnerable to dengue fever, Chikungunya virus: expert

South Korea is becoming more vulnerable to specific infectious diseases -- dengue fever and Chikungunya virus -- partly because of the nation’s climate change, a medical doctor specializing in epidemics said.

Haïti-Choléra : 15 décès et environ 120 personnes infectées, en septembre 2015 à Marigot (Sud-Est)

5 personnes sont décédés et environ 120 autres ont été infectées du choléra, entre le 1er et le 30 septembre 2015, dans la commune de Marigot (département du Sud­-Est), apprend AlterPresse.
Parmi les 15 décès, 9 ont été recensés dans les institutions et 6 dans des communautés.
Cette propagation de la maladie du choléra serait due à un sépulcre d’une personne morte de choléra, établi dans la zone, selon les témoignages recueillis par AlterPresse.

Santé: recrudescence du paludisme au nord du Mali

La Coordination des mouvements de l'Azawad lance l'alarme depuis plusieurs jours sur des cas de « fièvre mortelle de nature inconnue » sévissant notamment dans les régions de Tombouctou et de Gao. Au total, ces fièvres auraient fait une centaine de morts, selon la CMA. Pour les autorités, rien de mystérieux, il s'agit tout simplement d'une recrudescence des cas de paludisme.


Malaria eradication Breaking the fever

IN A dusty yard in Magagasi, a small village in eastern Swaziland, a man in surgical gloves draws Gugu Dlamini’s blood for the third time this year. The health worker lays a drop of it on a small plastic tray and adds a clear solution. The ritual is familiar. Every time a malaria case is reported in the country, surveillance officers sweep in and test everyone living within 500 metres of the sick person. In a few minutes a single line appears in the tray’s indicator window: Ms Dlamini does not have malaria.