‘Remote-controlled’ vaccine delivery could eliminate need for booster jabs

Many vaccines, such as those for Hep A and B, HPV, MMR and rabies, need several booster doses to achieve maximal immunological protection. Booster doses add to the complexity of vaccine administration, especially when used in large vaccination campaigns in the developing world.


Calendrier des vaccinations : vers une simplification

Les autorités de santé ont décidé de changer le calendrier des vaccinations. Désormais, les bébés auront moins de piqûres.

La France va décider de rejoindre le modèle vaccinal qui existe chez ses voisins suédois, danois ou finlandais. Il prévoit notamment moins de vaccins chez les enfants lors des premières années de la vie mais la vaccination est obligatoire (diphtérie-tétanos-poliomyélite) pour garantir une bonne couverture sanitaire.


Vaccinations have prevented at least 103 million cases of contagious disease since 1924

Vaccinations have been credited with some of humanity's greatest technological triumphs over disease, including drastically reducing polio around the globe and almost eliminating smallpox entirely. But how many people have been spared life-threatening infections thanks to the introduction of vaccines?


GAVI Alliance board to consider new vaccine support

GAVI Alliance partners gathered in Cambodia this week for a meeting to determine which new vaccines will be added to its portfolio of support, the organization said on Tuesday.


Sénégal: Vaccination contre la rougéole et la rubéole - Mansour Sy salue les options de la prévention des maladies

Le ministre de la Fonction publique, Mansour Sy, a présidé, hier, le lancement de la campagne nationale de vaccination contre la rougeole et la rubéole à Nioro. Il a saisi cette occasion pour magnifier les efforts du Sénégal en matière de protection des enfants.

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Task Force on Immunization in Africa

From the Task Force on Immunization (TIF) in Africa website:


At Serum Institute, Charles takes update on MMR vaccine

On their maiden visit to the city, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker Bowles Sunday made a special stopover at the Serum Institute of India. While the Prince of Wales interacted with scientists and senior officials at the manufacturing facility,

the Duchess of Cornwall paid a visit to the legendary Poonawalla stud farm.

Charles attentively listened to the staff, asking questions about pneumoccocal and MMR vaccines and was impressed with the research and development laboratory.


How A California Law To Encourage Vaccination Could Backfire

California has a new law that's supposed to get more of the state's children vaccinated against measles, whooping cough and other infectious diseases.

But the law has taken a strange turn on its way to being put into action, one that may instead make it easier for parents to exempt their children from required vaccinations.


Senegal introduces two new vaccines to protect children

The GAVI Alliance announced on Tuesday that Senegal has added two new